Snowmobile Related


  We are looking for help for this weekend. We have a 30 mile

system that needs its signs installed. None of the trails can or

will open until they are properly signed. We need people to help get

them in. If you a few hours that you can spare we will appreciate it

very much. Most of the system can be done with ATV/ UTV, pick-up trucks

 and there is some walking in the real wet areas. We will start at 8am on

Saturday Nov 11th at the groomer barn at 10882 Miller Rd. We plan to get

 all the signing done but may also have to finish on Sunday. With enough help

this should really only take about 5-6hrs to complete. If you have kids who need

volunteer hours this will help them and help us at the same time. If you need

 more info please message us or respond here.     

Lunch will be provided   

This is the time to re-new your membership [call Evan 733-0082]

and register your sled[s].  


Thank you for your support.


Also Check out the NYS Snowmobile Trail Web Map