Deerfield SnowTrails New Bridge


Bruckerís Bridge 2011 

In the early spring of 2011 the snow melt off and heavy rain caused the total destruction of our trail bridge near

Cheese Factory Road. This is one of our main trails and heavily used. Flood waters got behind our bulkheads and

not only washed out the bridge but took away the decking, never to be found and moved the steel under structure

over 200 yards down stream.


Club members quickly set a plan to re-build the bridge. In early spring over $1900.00 was spent on Concrete bulkheads

 and they were moved into place near the work site.


 After the bulkheads were in place, a group of club members and a contractor moved the concrete pieces from the road

 to the washed out bridge site.

 The next step was to place the bulk-heads at the stream edge.


 Bulkheads were stacked and inter-locked for strength.


 This process was completed on both sides of the creek and the steel was  ready to be set by our contractor.


 After the steel was raised, club members moved it into place for welding and bracing.



Quite a bit of work was done behind the scenes to gather saw logs and get them ready to replace the

decking on our bridge. This next picture shows club members preparing the decking and getting it ready

for transport to the work site.


After this a crew of club members was assembled to install the decking in the open steel of our bridge.

 As our bridge nears completion we have spent several thousand dollars of club money.

A big THANKS goes out to all who helped with each and every phase of this project.


                              Tom Rogers, Pres